Howth Horse & Carriage Co. offering carriage driving trips and lessons around Howth summit

Horse Trekking in Howth



Trail Rides in Howth on a one-to-one basis

Enjoy the beauty of Howth on horseback

- Ride along the cliff paths of the East Mountain, with views out over the Bailey Lighthouse and Dublin Bay

- Trek up the West Mountain to the summit of Howth with views as far as Arklow in Co. Wicklow

- Or just take a stroll down the old tram tracks to Claremont Strand and enjoy the waves of the Irish Sea lapping at your horses hooves

Ride on paths only the locals know about

Your horse for the trek will be our 14 year old trustworthy cob, Beauty, and your guide will accompany you on Bibi. As both horses are prizewinning carriage horses, their temperament is equally suited to leisurely trekking. Treks will be tailored to your riding ability and will generally last about an hour. Novice riders must be able to post in the trot.


We reserve the right to amend or adjourn any trek if it is deemed that the rider is not capable enough to continue. Please be honest about your riding ability.

Are you a horse owner?

Then why not bring your own horse to Howth and take a guided tour of the fantastic horse trails in Howth. You will then be able to return another day and explore the beautiful Howth Peninsula confidently yourself

And don't forget, you can buy a Gift Voucher for any trek, carriage ride or lesson.

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